1928 Durant Star M2 Coupe
This vehicle is on permanent loan to the museum. Stars were the lowest cost range of vehicles of the Durant Motor Corporation, formed by William Durant after his second ouster from general Motors. Other brands, tiered in similar fashion to General Motors, but nowhere near as successful, included Flint, Durant and Star, plus a truck line named Rugby
1928 Durant Star Four coupe.
1928 Durant Star Four coupe badge.
1928 Durant Star Coupe.
Young volunteers find interest in 1928 Durant Star coupe.

1928 Durant Star coupe front end.
1924 Durant Star Coupe side view.
Running repairs on the 1928 Durant Star coupe.
2002 board chairman, Hugh Hemphill, with curator, Jared Davis, in a recent Fiesta "Battle Of The Flowers" parade.
The 2 door M2 coupe has a 20 HP inline four cylinder engine, a 107 inch wheelbase, mechanical brakes and a 3 Speed transmission and wooden spoke wheels. Its Windshield is hinged at the top for ventilation. It cost $595.00. With its large trunk, this type of car was very popular with traveling salesmen.
1928 Durant Star Coupe builder's plate indicating this is a model M2, Car E-3344.
1928 Durant Star Coupe's 4 cylinder engine.
1928 Durant Star Coupe's engine, driver's side. The vacuum fuel pump is gone but the rest is pretty much original.
1928 Durant Star Coupe's front end.
1928 Durant Star Coupe's front end.
The museum's 1928 M2 Durant M2 Coupe, serial number E - 3344, is just one of the 43,951 Durants sold in 1928. The museum is as yet unaware of its history before it was donated to us by a resident of Fredericksburg, Texas. The car is in drivable condition but is not used much. Two seater vehicles do not make for very good parade vehicles! It was the favorite car of the donor, who also gave us a 1929 REO Flying Cloud coupe with rumble seat and a 1923 Ford Model T truck, complete with factory original starter motor and three speed transmission.
1928 Durant Star Coupe from above, passenger side.
1928 Durant Star Coupe radiator badge.
1928 Durant Star Coupe wheel with STAR hub cap.
1928 Durant Star Coupe side view.
1928 Durant Star Coupe side view.
1928 was an interesting year for the Durant Motor car company. It abandoned its original Star line with a more modern M2 line, which included a coupe, a convertible, a four door sedan and even a delivery van. The main difference between the M2 and its predecessor, introduced in 1921 when the company was founded, was a lower roof line and wider doors. The M2 itself was soon replaced in the same year by a yet more modern car.
1928 Durant Star Coupe, driver's side, rear.
1928 Durant Star Coupe. Air vent for the feet, open window for the head.
1928 Durant Star Coupe, interior, driver's side.
1928 Durant Star Coupe, interior, driver's side.
1928 Durant Star Coupe, rear.
The Durant Motor Company was formed by William Crapo Durant, better known as Billy. Having started out in the horse carriage trade, he had been responsible for the creation of General Motors in 1908. Durant pulled together Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Buick, plus around 30 other companies. One of these was called Oakland but later renamed Pontiac. Durant lost control of GM the first time, in 1910. He immediately formed the Chevrolet line, named after a then well known Swiss American racing driver. Chevrolet used a brilliant strategy which allowed it to eat heavily into Ford's sale of the Model T. With these profits, Durant regained control of GM in 1915, and added Chevy to the mix. Perhaps too willing to take risks, Durant lost control of GM again in 1920.
1928 Durant Star Coupe, fuel tank gauge, conveniently located on the rear bumper.
1928 Durant Star Coupe's large trunk, good for carrying a salesman's samples.
1928 Durant Star Coupe, passenger side.
1928 Durant and 1929 Ford Model A truck.

1928 Durant Star Coupe, interior, passenger's side.
1928 Durant Star Coupe, interior, passenger's side.
1928 Durant Star Coupedashboard, which is quite stark, as befits the baseline Durant vehicle. Note the security lock on the top of the gear shift
He immediately found new investors and created the Durant Motor Company and, using the same business model, a series of different lines to span the automotive price spectrum. As well as Durant, there was the Star, the Eagle, the Flint, the Princeton and the Rugby. He also acquired the historic Locomobile company. Times had changed and the company was unable to really compete with the huge conglomerates of Ford and GM plus the many other manufacturers like the Chrysler Corporation, which itself had a number of name plates, REO, Studebaker, Packard, Willys-Overland, Hudson and Nash. Durant stepped down from the new company in 1929 and it folded completely in 1933. GM bought its main plant in Flint, Michigan, and the location became the site for its main Fisher body operations.
Jack & "Popcorn" Nixon with their beloved 1928 Durant, now housed at the Texas Transportation Museum in San Antonio
Tres chic Durant showroom with 1928 models.
Very nice 1928 Durant convertible in showroom condition, har har!
Another showroom showroom pic.
1931 Durant Motor Company share certificate.
More work needs to be done to find out if Durant had any dealers in San Antonio, which was still clinging to its status as largest city in Texas at the time. In the mean time here are some images of a very posh Durant dealership provided by Rick Botti of the Durant Motors Automobile Club.
Durant parts tin sign.
Durant Motors tin advert.
Durant tin advert.
Entry from the "The Complete Encyclopedia of Motor Cars, 1885 - 1968".
With a little bit of work, the Durant returned to service in August 2007. The fuel tank was removed and professionally cleaned, then replaced. The carburetor was cleaned and re-installed and the spark plugs replaced. A new fuel pump was acquired and that is pretty much all it took to get the car running again. Our thanks to the incomparable Ben Bennett for all his creative work. It doesn't happen without talented and committed volunteers!
TTM'S 1928 Durant back to running, August 2007.
TTM'S 1928 Durant back to running, August 2007.
TTM'S 1928 Durant back to running, August 2007.
TTM'S 1928 Durant back to running, August 2007.
TTM'S 1928 Durant back to running, August 2007.
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Technical Specifications
Star M2
Body Style:
2-Door Coupe
4 Cylinder, 152 cubic inch, 18.2 HP
3-speed manual with reverse
Rear wheels
4 wheel drums, mechanically activated
Wheel Base:
107 inches
28 inch with wooden spokes
Electrical System:
6-volt, front and rear lights
Start System:
Electric starter motor
Fuel, speed and engine temperature gauges, crank (manual) side windows, front window hinged at top for ventilation, cloth seats, large trunk.
The original vacuum fuel pump has been replace with an electric pump.
71,368 Durants of all types were sold in 1928
Original Price:
$595 ($7,600 in today's money)
Can be driven but overheats after a few miles