Progress History (2012)

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In 2012, our 49th year, TTM attracted its most visitors ever. 18,074 people visited the museum, up 2,919 from our previous best year, 2007. Our "big 3" events, the Ford Model T Show, the Halloween Show, and "Santa's Railroad Wonderland" all experienced higher attendance.

Air conditioning was added to our main display building.

The interior of our depot was completely repainted and re-arranged.

The sidewalk to the depot from the parking lot was doubled in width and hand rails were added, plus a ramp into the building was built. This was an Eagle Scout project.

Safety gates were added at the main track crossing in front of the depot, another Eagle Scout project, and another set at the garden railroad crossing.

A fence was installed along the tracks between the garden railroad and the depot for additional safety. New steps up to the Zucht building were installed as a compliment to the new ADA "board walk" built to improve access for all our visitors from the depot to our main display building.

A car port and a new entry door were added at the rear of our main display building. Additional lighting and electrical outlets were also installed.

The roof of the Elvey car barn was repaired and its huge doors re-hung.

A "hobo camp" display was added at the garden railroad.

Thanks to A/C in the building, AMRE, our indoor model railroad division gained a significant amount of new and returning members, allowing them to make great progress on their huge layout. The new ore dock, complete with ore ship facility was completed.

TTM acquired a "new/used" back-hoe plus a 1946 John Deere Model H tractor. The Ford 8N tractor was also refurbished.

Work to restore the exteriors of the Santa Fe 404 Business Car and the Pullman McKeever sleeper car was begun.

Much progress was made towards the full return to service of our 1942 General Electric 45 Tonner diesel-electric switcher locomotive.

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