Shooting Star Museum map and directions

Phone 830-931-3837


The museum is located some six miles south of Castroville as the crow flies. Head south by turning left onto County Road 1343, from Highway 90, directly opposite the Alsation Inn, at the west end of the town, one of the last exits before you leave Castroville heading towards Hondo. (This would be the first exit, turning right, as you enter Castroville, heading east, into the town.)

Drive along FM 1343 until you cross the railroad tracks, where you turn left onto FM 4514, heading east. Be advised that FM 4514 is an unpaved road but is well graded and quite passable except in the most extreme weather.

Drive along FM 4514, adjacent to the railroad tracks, for around five miles. The road ends at County Road 5710. Take a right at this junction. CR 5710 is also unpaved.

The Shooting Star Museum is less than two miles from FM 4514. It's entrance gate is on the right hand side of the road coming from that direction. The box on the map above is a little misleading but the arrow indicates the entrance is on the right.

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