1958 American LaFrance Series 900 Fire Truck
This is a large, powerful fire pumper, which could carry a crew of six. American LaFrance introduces the Series 900 vehicles in 1958 and they were state of the art for that time. The engine has twin starters, points and carburetors. "Alfie," as the vehicle is affectionately known gets 1.5 MPG. It has a five forward speed manual transmission including low ratio. It carried its own water supply to begin fire fighting immediately until it could be hooked up to a fire hydrant. This truck was owned and operated by the North East Volunteer Fire Department when it was disbanded in 2001, following the expansion of professional fire fighting services by the San Antonio Fire Department.
1958 American LaFrance fire truck "Alfie" fighting a fire with the North East Volunteer Fire Department
1958 American LaFrance fire truck "Alfie" being driven by the North East Volunteer Fire Department in a Christmas parade
1924 Buffalo and the 1958 American LaFrance prepared for the 2002 Flambeau Fiesta parade with drivers Tony Planas and Hugh Hemphill
Regrettably "Alfie" is not in working condition at this time. Even during its time with the North East Volunteer Fire Department it was known to be very temperamental. Following its partial restoration by SMT Truck Lines we were able to use it for a while both at the museum and in several parades but its reliability was spotty at best. Eventually it became unusable, due to a plethora of mechanical issues. It will take a considerable investment in time, money and effort to make it drivable again. We have not given up hope - yet - and remain optimistic that it can be made to run again.
Our 1958 American LaFrance fire truck, 'ALFIE,' undergoing rejuvenation at S.M.T. Truck Lines of San Antonio
1958 American LaFrance "ALFIE" at night
1958 American LaFrance fire truck, nicknamed "Alfie"
1958 American LaFrance fire truck, nicknamed "Alfie"


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